Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service

Air conditioning maintenance services are crucial for making sure the air cooling system in your St. Louis property won’t suddenly break down. Our contractors at Ricotta Heating and Air want to make sure you can stay comfortable during the hotter months of the year in St. Louis. AC maintenance will save you money, trouble, and ensure comfort for you, your family, and your pets. Request a free quote and find the best schedule for your AC services needs by contacting our team of contractors.

When Should You Request AC Services in St. Louis?

The particular air conditioner you have installed in your St. Louis property, the AC service schedule may vary. The day you installed, last repaired, or maintained your system are indicators for when you should seek our AC services. Other signs for when you should request AC services include the age of your unit and when our contractors recommended you get it checked. If you feel like your system is not operating as it should be by doing things like periodically shutting off or if you see your electric bill rising compared to last year, contact and request our AC services.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in St. Louis

There are a number of reasons why you — as a St. Louis property owner — should consider air conditioning maintenance services. If you receive an adequate air conditioning maintenance schedule, you can avoid unnecessary and costly repairs and an inevitable replacement of your installed system. With these benefits, you can spend more on making your St. Louis property as comfortable as it should be for you, your family, and your pets. Ricotta Heating and Air’s contractors can inspect your AC system and determine how frequently you should receive maintenance.

Residential AC Maintenance Services in St. Louis

Every residential property owner in St. Louis that we’ve serviced since our founding in 1993 has enjoyed the benefits of our AC maintenance services. We make sure that your system continues to operate for as long and as efficiently as possible and while avoiding as many repairs and the inevitable replacement of your unit. The result of all of this is a comfortable home, lower energy bills, and an optimally functioning system. We want to help your St. Louis home stay comfortable during the summer with our AC maintenance services.