Lochinvar’s heritage of excellence dates back to 1939, when Walter Vallett, Sr. founded the Walter Vallett Company.

For generations, employees and customers have enjoyed growth and energy-saving innovations from Lochinvar. Today, Lochinvar continues our leadership position in the industry. As a part of A.O. Smith Corporation, we have the additional resources of our Corporate Technology Center to expand on our innovative development capabilities.

We are the leading producer of energy-efficient water heaters, boilers, pool heaters and commercial solar thermal systems. We focus solely on serving our customers, and offer them a product portfolio that delivers unmatched quality, performance and application flexibility. No matter what the need is, Lochinvar has the solution.

At our headquarters in Lebanon, Tennessee, continuous development of new, innovative products keeps us moving forward. High efficiency leading to fast payback and ROI for our customers is always our primary goal. In recent years, we’ve been at the forefront of using stainless steel heat exchangers, and developing more sophisticated control systems with communications and functionality for a nearly limitless range of applications.
At the heart of our success are Lochinvar people, who share a commitment to excellence and pride in leadership. We form close relationships with architects, designers, engineers, wholesalers, contractors, facility managers and homeowners because our people listen, ask the right questions and engineer system solutions perfectly tailored to each project.

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